M:Line side filers

M:Line is a fresh stylish product, featuring the Undefeatable Anti Tilt Locking Mechanism. The M:Line side filer provides the highest safety feature with a robust construction and a high volume suspension filing for your office with the option of individually locking drawers.


  • 15 year guarantee
  • Fira certified 
  • 50kg suspension file carrying capacity per drawer 
  • Undefeatable Anti-Tilt Locking Mechanism (unit must be on level ground)
  • 100% drawer extension 
  • 2 key mastered series 
  • Levelling feet 
  • 2 drawer units supplied with counter balance as standard


  • Same lock number 
  • Counter balance for 3& 4 drawer unit 
  • Clip on channels to provide A4 filing sold as pairs (2 required per drawer)

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