M:Line filing cabinets

M:Line Filing Cabinets contain sustainably sourced steel. This is a re-used material that shows a significantly reduced carbon footprint in  products containing it. M:Line is not only the best in the range but is unique in the marketplace. Providing increased filing capacity to 2.3 linear metres or, nine M:Line cabinets for every ten other range cabinets. 


  • 15 year guarantee 
  • Fira certified 
  • Contains from re-used steel
  • 50kg suspension file carrying capacity per drawer 
  • Undefeatable Anti-Tilt Locking Mechanism (unit must be on level ground) 
  • 100% drawer extension 
  • 2 key mastered series 
  • Slotted drawer


  • Security bar (factory fitted) 
  • Same lock number 
  • Divider plates sold separately 
  • A4 conversion rails 
  • Full Colour pallet available

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