Charge up multiple personal devices, quickly and securely with the new SWITCH locker system by Silverline.

Designed with a tidy integrated power bar which can be accessorised with a range of ‘clip on /clip off’ USB connectors and three-pin plugs allowing you to power your devices easily and safely in busy environments.

The SWITCH electrical elements adhere to UK and International electrical safety standards, offer rapid charging and have received an ingression rating of IP2XD which rates the product at least as safe as a traditional electrical outlet. (FAQ’s fact sheet on the electrics is available on request).

For added versatility, a variety of our latest options are available with SWITCH including acoustic panels, white boards & coat hooks.

 Switch Power Bar

The tidy power bar with clip on connector accessories enables rapid charging for multiple devices.

Switch Storage Switch Storage

Widths: 800 / 1000mm
Depth: 470mm
Heights: 1312 /1628mm

Other sizes & configurations are available on request.

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