May 25, 2012

Silverline at The Gallery had over 250 visitors to the showroom over Clerkenwell Design Week many of who enjoyed a refreshing glass of Pimms during the sunny weather!

Feb 26, 2012

... you'd like a bit more variety and a price tag to smile about.


Mar 10, 2015

Silverline's investment in state of the art machinery & interesting innovation techniques feature in the British Manufacturing spotlight recently published by Mix Interiors.

Silverline is another manufacturer to continually invest in state-of–the-art machinery. The company’s most recent purchase, late in 2014, was a £350K laser cutting machine that helps increase flexibility, quality and allows the business to be ahead of potential new expectations that develop in the market. Silverline sees this type of investment, which improves processes and increases capacity, as key to future growth and stability in the marketplace.

Due to the nature of the product and the limitations of the raw material used in Silverline’s products, innovation lies in incorporating features that offer benefits such as reconfigurable solutions for future scenarios and consideration to the end of a products life. Each product reaches, at some point, the end of its life, so Silverline designs to ensure there is ease of entry into the recycling chain.

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